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What should you know about building a house?

The process of designing and building your dream house may be an exciting experience. Working with a home builder will allow you to develop a wholly tailor place to your needs. Plus, you’ll finally have the room you’ve been looking for you and your family!

Building your own bespoke house has many advantages, not the least of which is increase comfort. You will also have the choice of making the house in the area of your choice. With a variety of bespoke features. Such as energy-efficient appliances and seclusion. You may even end up saving money. In the long run since your new house will need less maintenance and remodelling work than an older property.

Here are a few more compensations of working with a custom house builder Mulgrave:

Design/Build Process That Is Seamless

The design/build method use by Custom Home Group ensures a seamless transfer from idea to structure and a smooth and straightforward procedure for you from beginning to end. Custom Home Group manages the whole process, rather than breaking it down into individual strategies or dealing with several companies.

A single process is follow from start to finish by the Custom Home Group team, including design, budgeting, and construction. Through this integrat design/build process, project costs are control, and quality construction is ensure, all while guaranteeing that you receive the ideal house of your dreams.


You've finally gotten your dream house.

Custom home builders Mulgrave are dedicate to helping you achieve the house of your dreams at any cost. Preparing as much information as possible when dealing with a custom house builder can ensure that nothing is overlook or neglect. It would be finest if you also made sure that you have a particular time frame in mind. If there are any snags, you will be prepare – and you will be able to proceed with the work as plan.

Buy the Land You Want and Build Your Home on It

If you have found a piece of land that you like, a custom home builder will do all in their control to ensure that your dream house is built on it. Before you begin house construction, Mulgrave, consult with your realtor and builder to ensure that your ideal lot has everything you need.

The ability to make changes to the design

You have the opportunity to make changes to the design of your house before construction starts. Before you begin building, you should consult with your builder to discuss any suggestions, modifications, or problems you may have. This will guarantee that the building proceeds as plan and that you may begin living in your new home as soon as possible.

Efficient use of energy

New houses often include the purchase of new appliances. Almost all modern appliances are energy efficient, resulting in significant savings in both energy and money over time. Whenever you are in the market for new devices, check for the Energy Star badge to make a wise investment.

Well Known Brands

Our standard range includes high quality products from well know Australian companies such as Belissimo Kitchen Appliances, Gainsborough, Colorbond, Brivis, Dux, Bristol and Haymes, to ensure you receive long lasting, high quality products with warranty. We focus on quality not quantity hence we work on a maximum six projects at any one time. At Unik we ensure that all our subcontractors are fully licensed and insured to complete quality work on your home. We source only local subcontractors with a reputation for great service.

Choosing a Luxury House Builder: Some Pointers

Consider the luxury home builder Mulgrave while constructing your dream home. You must select the most qualify project manager. The decision on which manufacturer or labour to employ has an impact on each step of the process.

Regardless of whether you are developing on your property or on a ton of land that the developer/project worker possesses, there are numerous project workers in the commercial centre, and to have a wholly assemble home and appreciate the structure interaction, you must hire the most qualify one for the assignment.

Regardless of whether you have acquire vacant property previously available for purchase or if you want to expand on a large parcel of land already own by the project worker, space is critical. You must love the land on which you are constructing! That is the essential thing to remember. If you don’t like the neighbourhood where you live, you’ll never be happy with your new house!

Learning About the Knockdown Rebuild Mulgrave Process

What are the advantages of doing so?

Demolition of your current house to construct a new one provides you with complete control, freedom, and the advantage of a more practical design than you would otherwise have. Include in this are considerations such as the layout or design of your new house, the quality of your inclusions, how you intend to utilize all of the available space in your new home, and integrating the latest technology and energy-efficient items into your new home. To top it all off, it is also a very cost-effective choice compare to most renovations.

Mulgrave is a Melbourne suburb in the Australian state of Victoria, locate 21 kilometers south-east of the city’s central business area. The City of Monash serves as the municipality’s local government area. Mulgrave had a population of 19,368 people at the time of the 2016 Census.

Mulgrave Castle, locate in the County of York, is the inspiration for the name of the neighborhood. Between 1879 and 1884, Sir George Phipps, the Earl of Mulgrave in the Peerage of Great Britain, would serve as Governor of Victoria, a position he held from 1879 until 1884.


It was in 1839 when Thomas Napier, a Scottish builder who had arrive in the Colony of Victoria in the mid-1830s, establish the first permanent settlement in Mulgrave Parish, as it was then call. Napier establish his farmhouse on the banks of the Dandenong Creek, near what is now Bushy Park Wetlands and what is now Jells Park, and began farming there.

Even though several were destroy as recently as the late twentieth century, none of the original homesteads have survive to this day. During the building of the EastLink Tollway, the remains of many homesteads were discover, causing the project to be briefly halt while the sites were archaeologically investigate.


During the transition from parish to shire:

Mulgrave remain a parish until 19 January 1857, when it, together with the neighboring Parish of Oakleigh, were gazette as the Road Districts of Mulgrave and Oakleigh. On January 1, 1869, a post office in Mulgrave was establish, although it was later rename Wheelers Hill in 1888.

On the first of December, 1871, further modifications occurred, resulting in the merger of the two Road Districts to become the Shire of Oakleigh. Mulgrave remained virtually extinct for twenty years until the Shire of Oakleigh was split on March 13, 1891, to create the Borough of Oakleigh and the Shire of Mulgrave, thus bringing the town back to life. Mulgrave Post Office reopened in 1904 before closing for the last time in 1956.

Size reduction is being considered:

Mulgrave has been afflicted by the changing of its boundaries and the shrinking of its overall area throughout its history, and this is no exception. Oakleigh’s boundaries remained mostly unaltered until 1949, when property was transferred from the Shire to the township and incorporated. This happened again a decade later. With the Shire of Mulgrave having been reduced to 23 square miles in size (60 km2). The Shire’s headquarters were relocated to the area that is now known as Notting Hill as part of the transformation.

Although similar reductions were made. It was not until April 1961. That the Shire saw the most significant decrease in area when it was gazetted as the City of Waverley. Mulgrave, which had formerly been a parish and a county, was now just a suburb.

Present Day:

Mulgrave, as it exists now, is one of the few Victorian suburbs that is divided into two separate districts. Each of which has the common name but does not precede it with the words: East or West. This resulted from the renaming of portions of Mulgrave to Wheelers Hill, Victoria. As a result of the considerable distance between the two sections. A group of South Eastern locals attempted. But failed, to have the region renamed Waverley Park, Victoria in 2004, despite widespread support for the proposal.

Mulgrave, which has been much reduced in both size and prominence.  Jacksons Road is well-known to many Melburnians. As the site of the Jacksons Road Interchange with the Monash Freeway, which is located there. For traffic traveling to and from the city center, the Jacksons Road Interchange serves as a VicRoads timing point.